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Our Mission

The Mission of the GN/CSO Network is very simple!


It is to reach out to the World with the True Word of God.


To provide Prayer for the needy.


Pray with the authority given to us by Jesus Christ.


To let our light shine out to the lost that they can find their way to God.


To provide a Christian atmosphere on all the sites in God's Network.


To make it easy to find sites in God's Network where your spirit man can be fed.


To provide tools to others that wish to spread God's Word on the Internet.


To fulfill a vision that God has placed on the hearts of some and to allow this vision to be known and to spread to others in the Love of God.


As A Seed Becomes A Vision


God has planted a precious seed

Deep within our hearts

The seed of a future vision

That He wants to impart


As we are quietly being prepared

To fulfill that which He’s given

We must gently nurture the seed

Until the full grown vision


God then begins to open doors

Little by little as we are led

So each opportunity we have in Him

Is leading to what lies ahead


Then just at the time God chooses

We walk into what He has called

So we can be a blessing to others

Sharing the love of the Lord


The Vision : A Network of Christian Sites Interacting in Unity ~ Love ~ Devotion and Dedication to GOD!! Allowing the Leadership of The HOLY SPIRIT to guide them. Lifting the CHURCH/BODY up in Encouragement and Edification and Showing His Love to Unbelievers as they are wooed and come to accept JESUS the CHRIST as their savior ....Therefore receiving SALVATION by GRACE THOUGH FAITH.


This network will grow according to GOD's WILL not MAN's.


We do not need our backs patted or praise for what we do as we serve. JESUS had His Back Beaten and was put to Death & was Raised from Death that we could serve. TO GOD ALL THE GLORY GOES.


I shall pray for each one of us to catch the vision also and to go deeper with GOD and receive everything GOD offers us, allowing HIM to guide us Overcoming Our FLESH, Surrendering EVERYTHING to HIS AUTHORITY. God Bless You ALL !


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